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"In fact, the survey results show that 7 in 10 adults have had to make significant changes to their lifestyle because of the condition."She added: "Not being able to wear nice underwear is just the tip of the iceberg, with toilet ‘mapping’, avoiding drink, dark clothing and shunning socialising all deemed necessary means of coping.

"The ripple effect can include anything from damaged relationships, to poor sleep, to anxiety and low self-esteem."UROSTEMOL FEMINA is part of the NEW UROSTEMOL range – an over the counter (OTC) licensed herbal medicine for use in the relief of weak and overactive bladder, based on long standing use.

In spite of the above, however, results show that one in three still refuses to speak to a healthcare professional until they think their wee problems have become ‘really bad’.Surprisingly, this is the UK’s second biggest health worry when it comes to getting older, beaten only by joint troubles.A whopping 44 per cent of the population claim they’re nervous about losing control of their bodily functions, this comes ahead of diabetes and even heart problems.The report, Living Apart Together, which will be published tomorrow (April 23), analyses who Britain’s 10 per cent of LATs are, why they live this way, how they organise it, and how intimacy is affected.The results were drawn from a representative national survey of 572 people who don’t live with their partners, including 50 face-to-face interviews and 16 in-depth case studies.

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