Jay hernandez dating

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Suicide Squad producer Richard Suckle reiterated Weaver's words in a reply, stating that "We must do it again! ” The songs chosen to promote Suicide Squad played a large role in the film's financial success, so it may come as no surprise that Warner Bros. The Shallows Director Being Considered For Suicide Squad 2?

The mid-credits scene at the end of Suicide Squad revealed that Amanda Waller knows who #Batman really is and that the Dark Knight will do everything in his power to stop her from forming a new squad.Will we see Harley Quinn's iconic hammer appear more prominently in Suicide Squad 2?If there is a God, then the answer is most definitely yes.Which Squad Members Will Return In 'Suicide Squad 2'?In an interview with Latino Variety, Jay Hernandez revealed that he hopes El Diablo will return in Suicide Squad 2, despite the fact that his character died towards the end of the first film.

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